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We Ship via UPS Since 2011, 4-State Printing has been offering UPS Shipping and Drop Off service to Columbus and the surrounding communities.


If you need to track your package, get the tracking number and enter it in the tracking box on the left side of the page. CLICK HERE TO VISIT UPS


Hours for UPS are from 8 am until 5 pm.
However if it needs to go out that day you
need to be here  by 4:30 pm (that is when the driver normally picks up).


We have a limited selection of boxes and packing supplies available for purchase. If you have an odd shaped item or "Special" item, please have it packed and ready when you arrive. If you come in with an un-taped package we have a minimum $2.00 fee for taping packages.


All shipping rates, delivery times and insurance coverage for your package depend on several variables and are controlled by UPS. 4-State Printing does is not responsible for the safe delivery of your package, we simply act as a third party offering the service.


Porch Pirates!?! What is that?


Well it is that time of year where everyone is buying online and having their packages delivered. So what is a Porch Pirate? Well when that package arrives via your carrier, they tend to leave it on your porch (front door or where ever). This is where the Porch Pirate comes in, they watch the drivers and pickup packages from your house.


The problem of stolen packages has become a huge deal in the cities. Fortunately for you 4-State Printing (that's us) will gladly accept your packages and hold them for your convenience, we are charging $2 for this service.
A plus of this service our carrier delivery time is normally between 1 pm and 2 pm daily during the week.


Our system works by having your name on the package and you using our address (127 E. Maple Street, Columbus, KS 66725) to have your package delivered. Then you call and let us know that you are sending a package to our address. The only other thing we need to know is do you want us to accept it no matter what, or decline it if the package is damaged. If you leave us a message, please leave your name, address and phone number so we can contact you when it arrives. Pickup is during normal business hours of Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Special pickup times can be arranged if needed.



Can't be home during a certain time or just don't want the hassle of being tied to the house from 8 am to 8 pm? Have your packages dropped off at our office. For a $2 fee we will accept your packages and hold them for your pickup, during our normal hours. Please give us advanced notice of when you would like the service so we know to watch for your package and call when it arrives. NOTE: If the package is already opened, or otherwise damaged we will refuse unless you tell us not to.



    Regular Scotch Tape, Medical Tape, Duct Tape (any color) and similar types are not acceptable for sealing a cardboard box. Boxes using these types of tape may purchase packaging tape from our office supplies or pay the $2.00 fee to have it taped properly.

  • Wrapping Paper - if you are sending gifts PLEASE put wrapped gifts inside a second box. Wrapping paper will NOT hold up to the shipping methods of any kind.

  • If its FRAGILE, pack it right, don't wrap it in a handmade doily and expect it not to break. Use packing paper (newspaper) inside if it has an opening and outside, wrap it tight then pack it in loose debris, either paper, bubble wrap or peanuts in side a box allowing at least 4 inches between the item and the sides.

  • We all know that Grandma's handmade quilt or Grandpa's pocket knife are priceless items, however for shipping purposes we need a price put on it that is realistic for insurance. If you tell us the quilt is worth $1000 be ready to pay insurance on $1000.

  • When reusing boxes, ensure that all barcodes are marked out. If the box is already damaged don't use it - the integrity is gone. We keep used boxes in the back and pass them out at a first come first served until they are gone. New boxes are available for purchase and range in price and size (we have a limited selection due to space available).

  • Shipping Buckets, Pails, Tires and anything else not in a box adds a fee to your shipping. So if you want to save money put it in a box.

  • Keep in mind if your widget is of an odd size it will be charged accordingly using UPS metrics. So if it is 6 ft long by 4 inches wide by 4 inches tall your going to pay a lot more than if it was 3 ft long by 4 inches by 8 inches. Sometimes big unwieldy packages cannot be avoided, but if you have any way to compress, fold or dismantle your package to fit in a smaller box - IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY.



  • FOOD - technically we can, but if it leaks, stinks or molds UPS will toss it and it cannot be insured.

  • GUNS - we do not have a Federal Firearms License (FFL).
                 If you need to ship guns please visit Liberty Gun Shop next door, Gerald has a license.

  • AMMO - due to the nature of the item we are not allowed to ship - see guns above.

  • FIREWORKS - nope don't ask


  • BATTERIES - no bueno!

  • TOBACCO - Uncle Sam and Aunt Kansas have issues with taxes here, we cannot ship it.

  • For more information on prohibited items CLICK HERE.


Basically it boils down to common sense, if you think it could explode, leak or stink then nope. Guns do have an exception that if you order from lets say a big unnamed sporting goods store and get the wrong item - if they send you a prepaid drop off label I can ship that (this is the only exception on guns) otherwise you must use someone like Liberty Guns Shop (next door) that has an FFL.



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